S2 Bow Spring Centralizer

S2 Bow Spring Centralizer

In 2001 Centek group revolutionized centralizer design and introduced the radically different S2® centralizer. Over the years the patented S2® bow spring centralizer has repeatedly proved to reduce failures - saving operators time and cost getting to total depth.

Simply Smarter

The one-piece construction means the S2 has no weak points making it ultra-high-strength. It is designed specifically to replace a solid body type centralizer for casing running applications and severe well geometries when run in horizontal, long ERD, J-type, S-type and other well designs.

The S2 is manufactured to gauge and has exceptional restoring force and outstanding flexibility down hole. The S2 bow spring centralizer offers:

  • Optimum standoff capability in even the most challenging well conditions.
  • Zero start and running forces.
  • A low friction coefficient, which means minimal torque losses and reduced drag.
  • Enhanced rotation and reciprocation during cementing due to optimized centralization.

S2 - Getting to Total Depth - Video from Centek

Award winning innovation

Over the years the S2 has received a number of awards including the prestigious Queens Award for innovation.

Shale Production

The Centek S2 has been an integral part of the success of US Shale play production. Working within some of the world’s toughest regulatory guidelines, the S2 provides excellent centralization, and fluid circulation required to give a robust cement sheath, which in turn ensures the integrity, production and overall life of the well.

Flex rating

The S2 is perfectly balanced to give a high restoring force and flexibility downhole. It has a flex rating of 6.


Unconsolidated wells
Extended reach, horizontal and highly deviated wells
High temperature/High pressure and Geothermal wells
Shale oil & gas wells
Vertical and simple wells
OH Completions, Frac and Swellables
Sandscreen completions


S2 centralizers are available in sizes from 2 7⁄8" to 22"

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