OBS Bow Spring Centralizer

OBS Bow Spring Centralizer

The OBS single piece, bow spring centralizer has been developed for onshore vertical, horizontal or deviated wells with build rates of less than 10 degrees /100’ and horizontal sections less than 10,000 ft.

The OBS is designed to be robust in tough casing running environments.

The OBS unit is shorter compared to the premium Centek S2 but maintains a high restoring force to meet the needs of most well designs. Its single piece construction provides strength downhole, while the proprietary heat treatment process gives the bows flexibility.

Features and benefits

  • Zero start and running forces
  • Good stand-off
  • High restoring force
  • Testing exceeds API 10D standards

Targeted applications

  • Onshore
  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
  • Reach <10,000 ft
  • Build rates of < 10 degrees / 100’

Stop collars

The OBS has a corresponding range of high strength stop collars.

Flex rating

We grade our centralizers using a rating of flexibility. On a scale of 0-8, the OBS has a flex rating of 4.


Available to suit casing sizes ranging from 4 1/2" to 13 3/8".

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