About Us

About Us

Founded in 2001, Centek Group specializes in the development of engineering solutions for casing running environments.

Our focus has always been to reduce risk and rig time. We design and manufacture a range of revolutionary centralizers which provide unprecedented stand-off: giving optimum pipe centralization, aiding pipe rotation and easing the string to total depth without issue. 

Whatever the casing running challenge, Centek has the product to meet it. Excellence to the Core is our mantra which has made Centek the benchmark for centralization products for nearly 20 years.


    • Under reamed sections
    • Unconsolidated and washed out sections
    • Extended reach drilling (ERD), horizontal and highly deviated wells
    • High temperature, high pressure (HTHP) and Geothermal wells
    • Shale gas wells
    • Vertical and simple wells
    • OH completions with frac sleeve and packer operations
    • Cemented completions
    • Sandscreen completions
    • Tight tolerance
    • Deepwater
    • All other well types


The oil and gas industry has seen many companies achieving API recognition; however centralizer design had not improved significantly in the past 40 years. In 2001 Centek introduced the S2 and this changed perceptions, standards and quality; set benchmarks and created a new category of centralizers. We've continued to develop and now offer a range of centralizer products designed to meet even the most challenging down hole environment.


Centek’s one piece centralizer unit is revolutionary in design. Unlike conventional bow spring centralizers our products provide the stand-off and flexibility as well as performance integrity. Our centralizers are made to gauge offering zero start and running forces and helping to reduce torque and drag, whilst aiding pipe rotation. At the same time the units have high restoring forces giving excellent stand-off in even the most challenging conditions.


All Centek centralizers are designed to be compressed virtually flat and then, once the restriction has been negotiated, return to their original diameter and load defection performance, without damage. 


Centek Group has an unmatched track record of success. Consistent performance coupled with problem free running operations worldwide are important aspects in decision making. Our goal is to get the string to bottom, first time every time but also to consistently help achieve good primary and zonal isolation cement jobs. Doing it right once is frequently more cost effective than secondary remedial work or an increase in AFE costs. 


Our dedicated sales people have the expertise to recommend a solution which will give you the best centralization for your well. Our large technical team works closely with our Account Managers to specify and develop new products to meet the needs of each casing running operation. Our Engineering team spends time in the field to ensure they understand the problems Drilling Engineers face and continue to innovate our products to meet current and future industry requirements.


Centek Group’s engineering capabilities, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement within the manufacturing process, means we can quickly bring new products to market, tested to our and the APIs exacting requirements.


From controlling the condition of the incoming material to ensure consistency in manufacture; to heat treatment of the formed products, Centek have sought to optimize the processing required. The production facilities in the UK and US are run using lean manufacturing principles and with an unwavering focus on repeatability. We undertake the most rigorous quality control within the industry ensuring we have full traceability. This means that our centralizers perform to specification, every time.

Centek's manufacturing process demonstrates 'excellence to the core' - Video from Centek


To ensure optimization and consistency of the finished products Centek has invested in on-site captive specialized production heat treatment facilities. These facilities are capable of handling large numbers of components in many different sizes and types as required by our customers. The highly controlled heat treatment process produces very consistent products with repeatable “spring” properties, good ductility (no brittleness), high limits of elasticity, no adverse surface effects and components that exceed design or industry standard requirements.


Centek’s proprietary simulation program is globally recognized within the Industry as being at the forefront when predicting centralizer placement. We are confident that companies adopting the results will run their casing problem free.


Centek centralizers have been used successfully on every continent. We have a global sales team to support customers across the globe.


We have the largest capacity to manufacture centralizers in the world and we continually carry sufficient stock inventories to satisfy our extensive customer base. In addition to our UK, US and China based production facilities, our products are also available through our worldwide network, with additional stock to meet demand.

Centek products are only available for sale directly from Centek facilities in UK, USA and China or via approved Centek distributors who have procured products from our facilities. Products purporting to be Centek products procured through any other channels will not have been subject to Centek’s proprietary manufacturing and QA/QC processes and, therefore, are not covered by Centek warranty.

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