OBW Bow Spring Centralizer

OBW Bow Spring Centralizer

The OBW offers heat-treated, spring-steel bows which are welded to rigid high strength end bands for optimized stand-off in less challenging wells.

Centek’s unique metallurgy and heat treat process allows the OBW to be run in hole at gauge, eliminating starting and running forces whilst providing excellent strength and stand-off.

Tested to API 10D specification, the OBW centralizer consistently provides superior performance.

It is designed for onshore, vertical and slightly deviated applications where an economic solution is preferred but performance is expected.

Features and benefits

  • Good centralization in less challenging wells
  • Economic choice / high performance
  • Tested to API 10D standards
  • Slip-on design
  • Made to gauge

Targeted applications

  • Vertical wells
  • Slightly deviated sections of the wellbore
  • Onshore

Applications for OBW welded centralizer

Stop collars

The OBW is available with a corresponding range of high strength stop collars.

Performance ratings

Centralization and the ease of running casing is often a balance between strength and flexibility which combine to support, what we call, 'runability'. To help with product selection we've added a rating to all our products for flexibility, runability and inherent strength.

Performance ratings for OBW welded bow spring centralizer


Available to suit casing sizes ranging from 4 1/2" to 16".

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