UROS Centralizer

UROS Centralizer

The UROS is a unique, radically designed, offset bow centralizer offering reduced start and running forces in wells with under reamed sections where the main consideration is passage through previous set casing and expansion into the open-hole section.

The UROS is a robust, ultra-high-strength, single-piece bow spring centralizer with no weak points. Its engineered strength and flexibility allow it to pass through tight annular restrictions while absorbing both axial and radial loading.

The UROS demonstrates >50% reduction on starting forces and running forces compared to traditional under ream products.

Under-reamed sections

Under reamed well sections create a number of engineering issues which affect the RIH performance due to the bows being ‘compressed’ while passing through smaller ID of the previous set casing.

The UROS is engineered to significantly reduce starting and running forces associated with under reamed well sections. Returning to gauge enhances RIH, stand-off and successful zonal isolation.

Targeted applications

  • Under-reamed well sections
  • Tight annular applications
  • Offshore and deep-water
  • Highly deviated wells
  • Horizontal/ERD wells
  • S-Type/J-Type

Stop collar

The UROS is available with a high performance stop collar.

Flex rating

We grade our centralizers using a rating of flexibility. The UROS centralizer is designed to be ultra-flexible to ease the string to TD and has the highest flex rating of all our centralizers. 


UROS centralizers are available in sizes from 5 to 16"

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