TUR Centralizer

TUR Centralizer

Based on the single piece, S2 design, the Centek TUR bow spring centralizer is further engineered to pass through known restrictions and return to open hole specifications providing the stand off results that make Centek the first choice in quality centralization.

The TUR casing centralizer has the versatility to be used in the most challenging under-ream applications. It is proven to give good cementation in tight casing and close tolerance applications or known wash out formations during the casing running phase. Like other Centek products its durability allows for make-up at the pipe yard or on the pipe rack improving efficiency and safety versus make-up on the rig floor.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides low initial insertion forces into previous set casing
  • Reduced restart force on RIH
  • Reduces running force and drag - saves rig time on RIH
  • Positive location in under-reamed or wash out conditions with excellent stand off performance

Flex rating

We grade our centralizers using a rating of flexibility. The TUR is a highly flexible product. On a scale of 0-8, the TUR has a flex rating of 7.


Close tolerance
Highly deviated wells
Under-reamed wells sections
Horizontal/ERD wells
Vertical-wash out sections

Size Range

Centek TUR centralizers are available in 3 1/2" to 18"

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