Stop Collars

Stop Collars

A key element of the Centek stop collar is its high axial load capability. All Centek stop collars are heat treated to improve tensile strength, especially in the critical internal thread area. This is combined with high tensile set screws of a specific thread pitch to match the low profile characteristics of the product. Thus, when tightened to 35 lb/ft., the Centek stop collars provide a vastly superior axial holding force when compared to other stop collars. With these properties and the correct make-up, the stripping of threads has been eliminated. 


  • High axial load capability
  • Special use high-tensile holding force set screws
  • Large contact surface area
  • Heat treated, eliminates internal thread stripping
  • Spring like condition to absorb loads


  • Available with stainless steel set screws.
  • Available in heavy-duty style with extended length and two rows of set screws.
  • Available for narrow annulus applications


Installation is achieved simply by sliding on over the pin end, and diametrically torquing the set screws. Using the Centek stop collar and this method of installation will ensure maximum grip and high holding force.

Geothermal wells
All the Centek stop collars are made from the best quality steel and heat treated then HTHP. Geothermal wells offer no issues to the stop collars and will not alter the metallurgy of the unit.

Stop collars are available in sizes from 2 7⁄8" to 22"

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