UROS Centralizer

UROS Centralizer

The Centek UROS® is a unique, radically designed, offset bow centralizer offering reduced drag on RIH in under reamed wells and washed out sections, where the main consideration is passage through previous set casings and expansion to nominal ODs.

Like the S2, the UROS is a robust, ultra-high-strength, one-piece construction bow spring centralizer with no weak points, such as hinges or mechanical interlocks and with the flexibility to absorb both axial and radial loading. The UROS shows significant reduction on initial insertion forces as well as substantially reduced running forces through the previous set casing. Once through this compressed stage the unit will revert to gauge, maximizing stand-off with zero drag.

Centralizing enlarged or under-reamed sections

Under Reamed or enlarged well sections create a number of engineering issues which affect the RIH performance due to bows being ‘squeezed’ while passing through smaller ID of the previous set casing. These are:

Through Previous set casing

  • Reduced Initial insertion forces
  • Reduced Accumulated restart forces
  • Reduced Running forces, accumulated
  • No loss of S/O

In Open hole of the UR well section the performance unit performs like a normal, gauge hole until, with;

  • ZERO running forces
  • ZERO restoring forces
  • HIGH stand-off ratio

The UROS is a flexible bow spring centralizer designed to go through long sections of smaller previous casing and to open out into a larger open hole size, providing good stand-off performance.


Wash Out sections


UROS centralizers available in sizes from 5" to 20"

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