CentrAce Centralizer

CentrAce Centralizer

Developed in partnership with Ace Oil Tools, the CentrAce is an innovative new product created for Deepwater wells. It combines a low profile Ace stop collar with a close tolerance Centek centralizer. It is designed for use in deepwater tight tolerance applications as an over pipe, pulled in, rotational method of centralization thus reducing the dependency on subs. It is also well suited for use in under-reamed applications and ideal for wash-out sections, as the centralizer OD is over sized, or, as a simple unit of choice when running standard OCTG casing sizes.

Centek and Ace CentrAce Centralizer - Video from Centek


  • The CentrAce tool is designed to deliver tailored casing solutions to achieve total depth and dependable barriers
  • The CentrAce’s unique integrated Ace stop collar means only one stop collar is needed
  • The over pipe design reduces the cost of both product and installation, with the advantage of multiple units on a single length of casing, if required for critical zones with no casing modifications needed
  • Rapid and simple hydraulic installation technique can be done in pipe yard or on site
  • The unit can rotate on the casing due to novel swivel interlock design. This assists with the agitation of the cement helping ensure dependable barriers
  • Time saving are assured as less make ups are required
  • The bow springs are designed for tight annular restrictions with optimized bow cross curvature and restoring forces
  • Low cross sectional improves flow by area helping with mud removal and cement displacement

Key benefits:

  • Holding force of >90,000lbs
  • Pulled into the well by the casing
  • Time and cost savings
  • Multiple units per joint can be installed if required
  • Casing can be rotated
  • Low ECD signature
  • Low friction unit
  • High standoff ratio
  • High restoring force
  • High flow by area
  • Fully compressed in tight tolerance casing conditions
  • Full traceability of the product
  • Hydraulically installed
  • Fitted to casing on the pipe rack or yard.
  • Can be bundled for offshore transport or placed in racks
  • Adaptable for use with a TUR or UROS designed centralizer
  • Fully heat treated
  • Centralizer remains a single piece unit

Designed and manufactured by Centek and Ace Oil Tools, the CentrAce range will be available in a number of sizes:

Nominal casing Size


Minimum Diameter CentrAce will pass through


7 5/8 8.13
9 5/8 10.15
9 7/8 10.40
10 1/8 10.66
11 3/4 12.30
11 7/8 12.42
13 5/8 14.19
14  14.57
16 16.59
17 17.60
18 18.61


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