OBH Hinged Non-weld Bow Spring Centralizers

OBH Hinged Non-weld Bow Spring Centralizers

The OBH non-weld hinged, bow spring centralizer is designed for vertical or deviated wells.

Features include enhanced restoring force combined with low starting force ensuring good zonal isolation. High performance characteristics are combined with easy field assembly and lower delivery costs. Bow springs are manufactured from high quality alloy steel, hot bent to shape using dies and then heat treated under controlled temperature and time cycles for consistent spring characteristics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extended profile
  • Easy field assembly
  • Supplied with stop collar and hinge pin
  • Testing exceeds API 10D standards

Flex rating

We grade our centralizers using a rating of flexibility. On a scale of 0-8, the OBH has a flex rating of 3.


Available to suit casing sizes ranging from 4 1/2” to 24”.

5 different bows profiles to meet all open hole configurations.

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