Centek grows market share in Marcellus Shale

NEWS Centek grows market share in Marcellus Shale

In the face of rising economic challenges, with the erosion of oil and gas prices in the North American market, Centek has shown growth in the Marcellus Shale. A long history of performance in the basin, and the ability to reduce overall cost, is proving valuable to Centek’s growth and the company saw a 25% increase in sales in the region during the 2nd quarter of 2015.

Citing efficiency and environmental concerns the Centek S2’s unique performance characteristics earn high praise from the area’s leading operators. Quoting a Manager of Drilling Operations from the industry leader in the Appalachian basin (BCF/1000’) “Centek has played a major role by allowing us to get casing to bottom with little or no effort, no matter what the lateral lengths or the severity of the doglegs, since late 2011. We pride ourselves on our high quality cementing and overall completions and Centek has definitely played a role in these.”

Another small operator stated, “We only have the capital to drill a handful of wells in this economy. We were running composite/phenolic centralizers due to the cheaper upfront cost. We were not able to rotate during casing running operations and we noted pieces of the centralizers circulating to surface. We had poor bond logs and back side pressure that had to be remediated. Switching to Centek has alleviated these concerns. We have reduced run-in-hole time and friction factors; easily rotating casing and eliminating inefficient and costly remedial work. With only a few wells in our program we can’t afford bad wells. Centek allows us to be cost efficient and support our best practices”

“Offering a full product line that is available and affordable, delivering unmatched performance since 2001, Centek continues to prove itself as the value leader in the industry” said John Costine, Sales Manager for North America and Mexico.