Factory Operative

A rewarding opportunity has arisen for a motivated and talented person to join the Centek Manufacturing Team.   

Job Description

This position encompasses working as a member of the larger Centek manufacturing team completing varying aspects of the manufacturing process throughout various stages of the manufacturing life-cycle of our centralizers and stop-collars. This role requires evidenced ability to operate machinery, perform quality control, understand and implement Health & Safety knowledge, and continuously work towards the Centek Standard Operating Procedure for each task in relevant departments. It also requires an ability to perform well in a team-based environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Using various tools, machinery and computers to complete work which aids in forming part of a finished stop collar or centralizer
  • Being an integral part of the quality control process which identifies defective components and finished good throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Setting, calibrating and maintaining various pieces of machinery involved in the direct and indirect manufacturing process.
  • Organising and maintaining a safe, clean, tidy environment to maximise productivity throughout
  • Performing any reasonable duty or task asked of you to the best of your ability.

Technical/Work Based Competencies:

  • Set up, operate, monitor and control manufacturing processes to meet customer requirements.
  • Support manufacturing process design and development through every step of the process.
  • Continuously improve the manufacturing process to ensure products meet customer requirements
  • Manual handling of steel to manufacture centralisers of varying sizes.

Key Personal Competencies:

Integrity:  Show positive, ethical behaviours and demonstrate the ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues and customers.

Dedication:  Maintain a professional approach and a willingness to focus on excellence and commitment to the job.

Intelligence:  Have an open mind and develop outstanding skills.

Imagination: Take a proactive approach to work and to problem solving.

Quality Competencies:

  • Ensure work processes and products meet specification set out by the Company with reference to the Quality Policy, Audit standards and Standard Operating Procedures etc.
  • Adhere to internal Quality systems and audits.
  • Ensure working practice is to industry standards such as ISO and API. 

Environmental Competencies

  • Work in a manner that minimises negative environmental impacts and conserves energy and that is compliant with environment procedures and laws.
  • Understand and comply with any environmental signs, posters, warning signals and written directions.
  • Understand and follow all safe standard operating procedures and specific guidelines on usage of chemicals and hazardous materials. 
  • Ensure all environmental waste is streamed through the correct waste process and disposed of in the designated area. 
  • Inform and report all environmental incidents and potential hazards e.g. spills immediately.

Health and Safety Security Competencies

  • Use equipment, practices and procedures which promote a healthy, safe and secure work environment for you and your colleagues.
  • Understand and follow established personal health and safety and security practices.
  • Ensure that any equipment is being used safely and follow all safe systems of work practices. 
  • Comply with local, government and company health, safety, security and environmental regulations. 
  • Identify unsafe or unsecure conditions and take corrective action by immediately reporting any incident or near miss.
  • Understand use of Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing and utilise in designated areas.

Reporting to: Production Manager   

Hours of work: 6am – 4pm (Monday to Thursday)

Applying for the role:

In the first instance, please apply to Centek via HR (careers@centekgroup.com) with your CV/Covering letter.

All applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Interviews: TBA

Factory Operative

Newton Abbot
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