Design Engineer (6 month contract)

The Centek Group business needs to accelerate the changes required to operate in a very challenging market, where customer focused innovation, standardisation, business agility and delivering on commitments will be key.  With this in mind, we require additional design support as we grow the business globally. The role of Design Engineer is being created by the business in order to accelerate that change.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Design Engineer will carry out the following functions:

  • Carry out design drawing work as directed by the Engineering Manager.  There are several projects which require completion.
  • Help in the review and updating of the data base of Engineering related documentation within the current system (Sharepoint).
  • Update existing design drawings both for engineering design, production detailing/fixturing and quality inspection documents.
  • Work with the Innovation team during product development to ensure that upon launching of new products all design related documentationspecifically design drawings and spec sheets are up to date ready for production in the relevant location.
  • Support the Engineering Manager where required.

Technical/Work Based Competencies:

  • Thorough understanding of Engineering design protocols, processes and how to project manage through from concept to completion.
  • Competent in design software applications including Solid Works.
  • Familiar with working in a team of multi-discipline capability
  • Good IT skills pertaining to Solidworks, Excel, Word and Centek internal systems (e.g. Winman, Sharepoint, etc).  Training will be provided on internal systems
  • Good knowledge of tooling design would be an advantage.
  • Appropriate level of experience in relevant discipline.

Key Personal Competencies:

Integrity:  Show positive, ethical behaviours and demonstrate the ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues and customers.

Dedication:  Maintain a professional approach and a willingness to focus on excellence and commitment to the job.

Intelligence:  Have an open mind and develop outstanding skills.

Imagination: Take a proactive approach to work and to problem solving.

Quality Competencies:

  • Ensure work processes and products meet specification set out by the Company with reference to the Quality Policy, Audit standards and Standard Operating Procedures etc.
  • Adhere to internal Quality systems and audits.
  • Ensure working practice is to industry standards such as ISO and API.

Environmental Competencies

  • Work in a manner that minimises negative environmental impacts and conserves energy and that is compliant with environment procedures and laws.
  • Understand and comply with any environmental signs, posters, warning signals and written directions.
  • Understand and follow all safe standard operating procedures and specific guidelines on usage of chemicals and hazardous materials.
  • Ensure all environmental waste is streamed through the correct waste process and disposed of in the designated area.
  • Inform and report all environmental incidents and potential hazards e.g. spills immediately.

Health and Safety Security Competencies

  • secure work environment for you and your colleagues.
  • Understand and follow established personal health and safety and security practices.
  • Ensure that any equipment is being used safely and follow all safe systems of work practices.
  • Comply with local, government and company health, safety, security and environmental regulations.
  • Identify unsafe or unsecure conditions and take corrective action by immediately reporting any incident or near miss.
  • Understand use of Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing and utilise in designated areas.

Reporting to: Engineering Manager

Hours of work: 7.30am – 4pm (Monday to Friday) for 6 months 

Applying for the role:

In the first instance, please apply to Centek via HR ( with your CV/Covering letter.

All applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Interviews: TBC

Design Engineer (6 month contract)

Newton Abbot, Devon UK
Supplied on application