S2 Hinged Centralizer

S2 Hinged Centralizer

The S2 Hinged centralizer is high strength, two-piece centralizer for offshore application where slip-on centralizers cannot be used due to oversized casing connectors.

No compromise in strength

Correct top hole cementation is critical. Use of quick connect-type couplings has created a need for hinged centralizers. However, due to pipe weights and well geometries traditional latch on units often fail leading to costly delays or a poor cement sheath. The S2 hinged unit is different. Made from hardened, high grade steel it has a joint strength unparalleled in the industry.

Hinged stop collar

A hinged stop collar has been developed using the same technology to accompany the hinged centralizer. This has a holding force comparable to Centek’s heavy duty stop collar range.

Features and Benefits

  • High restoring force
  • Strongest proven hinge of any latch on centralizer.
  • Specially designed pins
  • Time reduction on installation
  • Can be transported or installed on the pipe rack with no damage potential
  • Made to gauge units with no start or running forces
  • High stand-off ratio’s ensuring a good cement operation


Quick connect type couplings
Top of hole casings where the connectors are oversized

[These units are not designed to fit around the connector. They are designed for application to the casing only]


Centek S2 Hinged centralizers are available in 18” to 22"

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