Centek reaps Rockies’ award

Centek reaps Rockies’ award Centek reaps Rockies’ award

Centek Inc.’s S2 centralizer sales in the US Rockies region topped a landmark $1 million dollars for the month of April 2014. The Centek S2 centralizer has been widely adopted for shale completions, which typically involve extended reach horizontal runs as long as 18,000-20,000 feet, where the strength, flexibility and low friction of the S2 units have ensured good casing centralization.

The Rockies region includes the oil-shale rich states of Colorado, New Mexico Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, and Montana. Tough new drilling regulations implemented in the region and across the U.S. are designed to make drilling and hydraulic fracturing safer and to ensure well integrity. These regulations set new well standards in environmental safety for drilling, cementing, completing and production.

Previously open-hole completions were often used in extended reach wells. The new regulations combined with the performance of the S2 centralizer, benefit operators by providing better run-in-hole operations and an enhanced cement bond that improves the integrity, production and overall life of the well.

“Based on these results major operators are moving towards cemented completions,” commented John Costine, Regional Sales Manager Rockies and Canada at Centek Inc. “This trend is evidenced by the Rockies region demonstrating growth of 73 per cent above Centek’s 2013 figures for the same region, while just eight months into this fiscal year.”

“Failures in well bore integrity are the principle cause of well leakage during fracking and production operations,” said Cliff Berry, Vice-President, Global Business Development at Centek Group. “A bad cement job in the region of a water aquifer can lead to water contamination and could prove very expensive for the operator. Quality centralizers come a lot cheaper. With the change to cemented completions the operators are accepting the S2 as the centralizer of choice, clearly demonstrated by our $1 million April sales in the Rockies.”


Centek introduced radical innovation to develop a bow spring centralizer with superior downhole performance which dramatically reduces failures and has proved time and again, to save the operator time and cost getting to TD.