Centek Launches Hinged S2

Centek Launches Hinged S2 Centek Launches Hinged S2

We've introduced the Centek S2 Hinged Centralizer for use offshore when top of hole centralization with oversized casing connectors is required.

In applications where quick casing connectors are used, slip-on bow spring centralizers cannot be fitted because the unions stand proud of the casing and a hinged centralizer is necessary. However, due to pipe weights and deviated well geometries, conventional hinged centralizers often fail or produce inadequate centralization and a poor cement job. Now with the hinged S2 centralizer Centek can offer customers the flexibility of a hinged centralizer with the unrivalled strength of the Centek S2.

Each half of Centek’s new hinged centralizer is made from a single piece of hardened, high grade steel. The new design does not compromise on centralizer performance and can withstand tensile forces across the hinge assembly of 20 tons force making it 6 times stronger than existing industry examples. 

The Centek S2 Hinged centralizer has the strongest hinge of any latch-on centralizer with specially designed spiral pins that reduce installation time and can be fitted to casing on the drilling platform or at the pipe yard. It provides both a high restoring force and high standoff ratio to aid good cementation, with no start or running forces as these centralizers are made precisely to gauge.

The units are designed to fit around the casing not the connector and are available in a range of casing sizes from 18 5/8 x 24 up to 28” x 32”. The first order for hinged centralizers has been shipped to Norway for well installation in Q2, 2015. Go to Centek S2 Hinged product page for more information.

PRODUCTS USEDS2 Hinged Centralizer

The S2 Hinged centralizer is high strength, two-piece centralizer for offshore application where slip-on centralizers cannot be used due to oversized casing connectors.